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Human Growth & Development

  Infants & Toddlers
- Key Questions -

Human Growth & Development

The First Two Years: Infants & Toddlers

1. How do the weight, length, & proportions of the infant's body change during the first two years?

2. How does immunizing infants protect the entire community?

3. What specific changes occur in the brain's communication system during infancy?

4. How does experience affect the development of the brain's neural pathways?

5. What reflexes are critical to an infant's survival?

6. What is the general sequence of the development of gross motor skills & fine motor skills?

7. What factors account for individual differences in the timing of motor achievements?

8. How do the sensory capabilities of a newborn infant change over the first year of life?

9. What kinds of sensory experiences do babies typically prefer in early infancy, & why?

10. What are the advantages of breast-feeding?

11. What are some of the consequences of serious long-term malnutrition?

12. What are the major causes of undernutrition?

13. In your experience what are the factors that determine what, & when, a young infant is fed?

Growth & Development
Robert C. Gates